2020 True – A Letter from the Director

This is a letter to each family who is a part of True Lacrosse Minnesota Girls.

Hello True Families,

I wanted to thank you all for such a great 2019 – I have been reflecting on where we started back in March 2016 and can hardly believe that we’ve done so much in just a few years. I didn’t know what to expect when Crandall and I agreed to work with True, but we have been blessed with the opportunity to build a club based on training and development. We have been blessed by each of you, joining our lacrosse family, and allowing us to be a part of your lives. Each girl in the program adds to the culture, the energy, and brings new light and new challenges to our daily lives, and I don’t know what we’d be doing without each of them.

2020 brings the graduation of our first class of girls we’ve had since youth – so maybe I’m extra sentimental. I used to run this club on top of a full-time job, and the day I became a full-time employee for it (Jan 1, 2017) was an exciting, albeit, scary moment. I remember when a mom reached out to me that Summer and explained I needed to fix X-Y-Z… I was in the middle of a tournament and didn’t really even have time for that phone call, but I knew she wasn’t wrong, rapid growth had made my program bigger than myself – enter Julie Crouse.

Julie was that mom – I don’t think she’d mind me telling you. I got her phone call and said, “You’re right. Want a job?” Julie has done so much for the program – her attention to detail and communication is a large part of the reason I made through that first year. Some of you are in frequent contact with her over travel logistics, etc. – but don’t even know what it’s like without her.

That Summer, our tryouts blew up – word had spread, girls had jumped levels of skill and had surpassed teammates, people wanted to be a part of it, and we nearly doubled in the number of teams we had – this brought the need for another employee – enter Madii Maas.

Madii has been instrumental from day 1 – ask her sometime about her hiring process, it’s quite the story. Going from 1-2 full-time employees was a risky move for the company, but something I knew needed to happen, and having Madii for the past couple years has been grounding. I, admittedly, am an abstract thinker, and a dreamer, and can easily get lost in an idea – Madii has helped me implement over the the past 2 years and I’m glad it has been her with me – happy anniversary, Madii.

Monday marks a significant moment for us here at True – the implementation of our 3rd full-time employee for the girls program – Heather Pierson. Take a second to congratulate her when you see her at a practice. Heather has been working part-time as our recruiting director and has already done so much for the program and those that she has worked with; we’re very excited to have her joining us on a daily basis. Her energy and passion for the sport and this program will help solidify the vision we’ve always had.

Our 2020 promise to you all:

To the parents: this program is great, but can always improve. We are always searching for ways to better the program, and please know that we always have your athletes in mind when we have a decision to make. I’m sure, in 2020 there will be something you’re frustrated with – please communicate with us. Know that we do everything for a reason, and we’re happy to hear from you. We realize all that you put into this too, and we appreciate it. When we can help clarify something, we will – don’t hesitate to ask.

To the players: each of you is talented, but can always improve. Our mission is and has always been to meet each of you where you are and help you move forward. We’re playing an infinite game of let us make you the best you can be – in 2020, join us. Whatever has been stopping you from switching hands, trying that new stick trick, taking that shot, etc. – let it go. You WILL mess up, and that’s ok. If you choose to fight us or refuse to try something, you only delay your own goals. At some point, they will pass you by. Stop before that happens; instead, put your energy into listening and learning, trying and achieving. We’ll be here for you along the way. Feel free to ask questions and fail multiple times, we’ll still give you direction and love you just the same. Realize also, our job is never done – just because you finally nailed a BTB doesn’t mean we’re done coaching you. We will increase the difficulty or add a skill. When you’re at True, you’re working on some aspect of your game. Don’t come just to play, come to succeed at something.

Happy New Year, Everyone. Welcome back, and check your TeamSnap schedules.

I’m so excited to see what 2020 has in store for each and every one of you – let’s work together to make it great.

Krista Crandall


True Minnesota Girls Director


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