COVID-19 Weekly Update

A note from the Director:
Hello True Families!
This is a difficult time for all of us, and mentally challenging in particular. I hope you all use this time to reconnect with your families, but also to reconnect with yourselves. With the future weeks in question, it gives us an opportunity to think about what it is that we want for ourselves beyond that. Not just the athletes, but parents, you as well. Those of you that have forgotten how creative you are, how can you weave your creativity back into your daily life moving forward? Those of you that “haven’t had the ‘me’ time to work out” or take some extra time for some self-care, how can you structure everything moving forward so that you can. If organizing your family for the Spring/Summer and beyond would be beneficial, be glad we have time to do so. This ‘pause’ in our lives is a chance for us to re-evaluate what it is we are trying to achieve in life. Athletes – what is it that you want for your future? Is this time particularly hard for you because there is no lacrosse? Listen to yourself. If you are sad or struggling with preseason training being canceled, and the Spring season in question, I think you have an answer there.
For me, personally, this break in training and working from home is a chance to re-evaluate what it is we do in the office every day. Since starting True MN Girls, my mission has always been to offer the best possible training and personal development to girls of all skill levels. When we get into the nitty-gritty of everyday planning and implementing, it’s sometimes hard to pick my head up and see the network that we’re creating and the true gift this program is to me.

In evaluating the program it’s obvious to me that we have assembled the best Staff in the state; we have the most caring group of coaches and directors in Minnesota, and I’m so proud to call each one of them a True Coach.
I’m proud that our program has started offering training at such a variety of levels. Limiting girls’ access to training/development does nothing to propel the sport forward, but only increases the skill disparity of those in club and those not.
I’m excited about the advances in recruiting Heather has been working so hard on, the steps the girls have taken to invest their time in their own process, and the step-by-step approach we’re taking to help break it down. Side note – we’re looking into online recruiting seminar options during this office closure.

Some things I’m taking this time to work on moving forward is a more comprehensive assessment to be able to give players and families so they understand their own level of play in regards to some top recruits. Sometimes feedback is hard to hear, but transparency is important to us, and it’s also important that each girl understands we are here to meet them on their level and lift them up.
I would like to have a detailed list of events/clinics/add-ons that parents can expect in the next year. We’re all excited about what we have cooking, and we can’t wait to finalize, and share it with all of you.
Lastly, you’ll notice our website getting a much needed facelift – this is typically one of the first things to fall off of my list, and I’m excited to have the time to dedicate to such an important part of our program. Don’t be surprised if you see some familiar faces populating the pages. 🙂

Summer Planning Statement:
We are moving forward in all our current plans for Summer – we are finalizing/filling rosters and we are committed to bringing you a Summer season regardless of what Spring brings. IF anything is canceled, we will communicate it to you and find a replacement event. Worst case scenario is a season extension, so know that we will bring you the value we’ve promised: we are committed to you, your development, and your recruitment goals, and we’re with you all the way.

Private Lessons:
We are not able to continue with any private lessons at this time. We are not available to come to your backyard, or local park. The precautions we, and the company, have taken may seem extreme, but safety and health of each one of our employees, and each of you is of the utmost importance to us. Any outstanding lessons will be completed post-shutdown. At this time we are not setting dates and schedules as the status is ever-changing. Thank you for understanding.

Facility Use/Rental:
The Facility is closed until further notice – we appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm for the sport, but we are not able to open it for individual use. We’re not happy about it either, and we miss you all on a daily basis. We are working diligently to ensure the cleanliness of the True facility by hiring a professional cleaning company to sanitize and disinfect the entire building for the safety of all of our players, parents and staff.
This would include:
  • Disinfecting all touchpoints (tables, chairs, door knobs, ect..)
  • All common areas thoroughly cleaned and disinfected (including restrooms)
  • All areas wiped down and vacuuming and mopping of all floor surfaces
  • All turf space will be fully vacuumed as well as disinfected
Disinfectants (non-toxic) will be used from the list published by the CDC last week that contains products recommended to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

For those of you with access to a wall:

Heather’s Wall Ball Sessions


-Change skills every 2 minutes
-Play music! Keep it fun!
-Break when necessary and do foot skill work or any other skill (not wrist intensive)
-Do each skill with both hands – right/left
-Objective is to touch the ball 1,000 times in 1 hour!

Series 1

  • One-handed top hand only RIGHT
  • One-handed top hand only LEFT
  • One handed – bottom of stick (end cap) RIGHT
  • One handed- bottom of stick (end cap) LEFT
  • Throw at seam where floor meets wall to pop ball high in air – catch at highest point- catch one-handed RIGHT
  • Throw at seam where floor meets wall to pop ball high in air – catch at highest point- catch one-handed LEFT

Series 2

  • Quick stick RIGHT
  • Quick stick LEFT
  • Reverse catch (throw right keep right hand up and catch on left side) RIGHT
  • Reverse catch (throw left keep left hand up and catch on right side) LEFT
  • Reverse stick RIGHT
  • Reverse stick LEFT
  • Throw Right – switch hands after the pass
  • Throw Left –switch hands after the pass

Series 3  – In Pairs (SIBLINGS ONLY RIGHT NOW!!)

  • Player on right passes with outside hand to partner – RIGHT
  • Player on left passes with outside hand to partner – LEFT
  • Pump fake LEFT
  • Pump fame RIGHT
  • Riser (low to high) RIGHT
  • Riser (low to high) LEF
  • Bounce pass RIGHT
  • Bounce pass LEFT
  • Switch positions and run through again

Series 4 – Shuttle Lines Wall Ball –  3-4 to a line (PLEASE FORGO THIS OPTION UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!)

  • All RIGHT to right– pass to second player in line (waterfall style)
  • All LEFT to left– pass to second player in line
  • Bounce pass RIGHT/LEFT
  • Quick stick RIGHT/LEFT
  • Catch RIGHT, Throw LEFT
  • Catch LEFT, Throw RIGHT

Series 5 – Advanced

  • Behind the Back
  • Around the World
  • How many RIGHTS in 1 minute
  • How many LEFTS in 1 minute
  • Catch throw all reverse pocket (back of stick) RIGHT/LEFT
  • Throw RIGHT/LEFT – emphasis stick protection stance (shoulder-shoulder-stick as if wall is defender  – moving feet the whole time – this is a work out!

Here’s a video from our Maryland director for an at-home workout!

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to seeing you all on the other side of this. Stay healthy.

Yours in life and lax,
Krista​ Crandall

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